CLT panels

Cross laminated timber panelsWe offer a designing and construction of CLT building envelopes that are fully finished on the outside. We order required cross sectioned CLT panels from various manufacturers and give the elements high factory readiness in our factory. CLT panels are manufactured based on the client’s design project, following UK construction requirements.

For construction of CLT (cross laminated timber) buildings, we offer CLT wall panels, ceiling panels, roof panels and interior wall panels of high level of completeness.

High level of completeness of CLT panels

AS a rule, cross laminated timber manufacturers are only able to offer panels processed on the basic level, e.g. with openings for windows cut in or with penetrations for utility lines. Our factory’s equipment enables us to finish cross laminated timber panels to a high level of completeness. We can install sealed and finished windows into CLT panels at our factory. We can also insulate CLT panels with a thermal insulation material suitable for the client and install exterior finishing layers (facade covers, wood planks, etc.) on the panels, if necessary.

Based on the specifity of the project, the budget of the project, the energy efficiency requirements or other factors, we can also offer combined solutions of CLT panels and closed timber frame panels.

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