Production process timeline

Production process timeline is based on a real project to give an idea of our production stages and their time consumption.

Project in Finland:

  • Manufacturing of facades for 5 apartment buildings
  • 1500 m² of prefab facade elements
  • Including external cladding and windows


1. Engineering- 4 weeks

In most cases client have architectural project and material specification. In engineering phase our engineers develop technical constructive junctions, load bearing capacity calculations and all other technical solutions according to clients needs. Resulting constructive design for client, manufacturing designs for production department and material specification for purchasing department.

2. Purchasing – 4 weeks

In most cases a material spetcification consist of Timbeco standard materials and special materials. Usually windows and doors are all special materials that need to purchase project-based after engineering phase. However, there are some materials that can be purchased during the engineering in order to save time.

3. Sample product production – 2 week

In prefab element projects we offer sample element production, because in sizable projects, there are no room for error. In sample product client can see used material and production quality. It is the best assurance for client and for us, that the result will be satisfactory.

4. Line production – 4 weeks

Line production time consumption is directly related to production volume and project complecity. In current case it took 3 weeks to manufacture 1200 m2 of facade elements with external cladding and windows installed.

5. Transportation – 1-2 weeks

Transportation can start as soon as the truck-load of prefab elements are ready. Usually we offer CPT (Inoterms 2010) delivery clause but all other clauses are possible.

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