Prefab internal wall elements

Siseseina elementWe manufacture prefab timber frame internal wall elements based on the client’s design. We also provide installation of prefab internal wall elements, if needed.

The production of prefab timber frame internal wall elements follows the Norwegian (TEK10), Swedish (EUROCODE-5), Finnish (RYL, RT catalogues, EUROCODE-5) and UK construction rules and regulations. Our quality management is based on the international ISO 9001:2008 standard. We have the European Technical Approval for the manufacturing of element houses (from Sintef) and a CE marking (from BM Trada).

We work with contractors (NCC, Peab, SRV), big and small construction companies and developers. Our clients value our experience in constructive designing as well as the high quality of our elements and the professional service.

Possibilities of using prefab internal wall elements

The prefab internal wall elements with wooden structure manufactured at our factory may be used anywhere where an internal or partition wall structure in maximum completeness and high quality is needed. We have mainly manufactured prefab internal wall elements for

  • apartment buildings
  • semi-detached houses
  • terraced houses
  • industrial buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • hotels
  • kindergartens

and other kinds of buildings.

Possibilities of manufacture of prefab internal wall elements

Increasing fire resistance with building boards

In order to achieve the fire resistance required in the design, building boards (plaster, fiberboard and other fire resistant building boards) are attached to the prefab internal wall elements.

Mitu plaati

Increasing fire resistance with metal mesh

The wooden structure of the prefab timberf frame internal wall element is protected from fire by rockwool. If needed, a metal mesh may be installed in the internal wall element at the factory. The metal mesh will keep the insulation in place and protect the structure from catching fire even if the fire has gotten through the building boards.

Installation of electrical accessories in a prefab internal wall elements

We can install rigid piping and wiring devices in the prefabricated wall needed for electrical wiring based on the electrical wiring project prepared by the client.


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