Packaging of prefabricated elements

Timbeco packs its prefabricated elements manufactured in the dry conditions of the factory in plastic. We use a transparent UV-proof plastic so that the quality and completeness of the set of prefabricated elements can be checked at any time without having to damage the package. Our quality packaging means that the prefabricated elements do not need additional protection from weather conditions for up to 4 weeks.

Independence of weather conditions.

Timbeco’s weatherproof packaging means independence of weather conditions in the stage of loading and transport of prefabricated elements, storage at the construction site and installation.

Pakitud multipakk

Easy to load.

Depending on the size of the truck, several prefabricated elements may be packed together and loaded as one package (all prefabricated elements are also packed separately). That makes it easier and faster to load and unload prefabricated elements.


Safe storage.

In addition to saving time at loading and unloading, the multi-pack method enables to store prefabricated elements at the construction site with no trouble. There is no need for frames to keep prefabricated elements in the upright position.

Ladustamine_Fosbekk Brygge (3)

Installation independent of weather conditions.

Weatherproof packaging provides an advantage at the installation stage as the plastic packaging enables to install the prefabricated elements even in winter or in rainy weather.


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