The engineering of an element house begins from the details. The basis of a high-quality and long-lasting structure is a decent design that is well thought through. One of the advantages of Timbeco compared to many other manufacturers of prefab elements is the detailed engineering project of the house. We use 3D engineering software (Autocad, HSBCad, BIM, ArchiCad, etc.) which ensures greater accuracy, the chance to provide the client with easily understandable technical solutions and enables to produce easily readable installation manuals.

Timbeco engineers have long-term experience in designing element houses and knowledge of functioning construction details. Together with the client, we can develop unique and the most cost-effective solutions.

A Timbeco element house engineering project includes the following parts:

Specification of materials

The specification of materials lists the materials used in the manufacturing of prefabricated elements – the place where the material is used, measurements, technical data, quantities, materials inventory, etc. That provides the client with an overview of the materials and quantities used in the building.


Specification of special materials

A project-based specification of special materials is also prepared. That includes, for example, the painting of external cladding, laminated materials, doors and windows, sill flashings, etc. The specification of special materials depends on the requirements of the specific project.

Erimaterjali spets

Specification of construction details

The project contain drawings of all key construction details of the element house with detailed descriptions.


3D visualisation of the structures

All drawings of the structures in our designs include 3D visualisations of the structures. A 3D visualisation of a structure provides an overview of the result which is needed for the person organising transport as well as to the installer of the element house.


Installation manual, i.e. the 3D visualisation of prefabricated elements

Each prefabricated element has been visualised in 3D format. That provides the client and the installer with an overview of the final assembly of the prefabricated elements.



We provide, upon request and as needed, calculations on the strength of the structure and the energy efficiency of element houses.

Drawings of prefabricated elements

The drawings of prefabricated elements present each layer as a separate drawing, including the comments of the designer, a cross-section of the prefabricated element and construction drawings, if needed. The client may need the drawings of prefabricated element layers for carrying out special works or changes in the structure after the construction of the house is completed.


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