Prefabricated timber frame elements

Valissein 1We manufacture high-quality prefabricated timber frame elements based on the client’s design, preferences and requirements. All Timbeco’s prefabricated elements have been produced at a factory ensuring high quality and fast installation at the construction site.

The production of our prefabricated elements follows the construction rules and regulations of Norway (TEK10), Sweden (EUROCODE-5), Finland (RYL, RT catalogues, EUROCODE-5). We also have the CE marking for manufacturing element houses.

Why order prefab elements from Timbeco?

We offer a full service of manufacturing prefabricated elements which includes all stages that are important to the client: design, manufacturing, transport, installation.

5Engineering3D engineering

We have an internal design unit tasked with producing cost-effective structural solutions for the clients’ designs. We use 3D design software which ensures greater accuracy, the chance to provide the client with easily understandable technical solutions and enables producing easily readable installation manuals. Read more about our engineering.

6Production  Maximum completeness of the elements

We aim to provide our clients with prefabricated elements that have a maximum level of completeness in order to minimise work on the construction site, speed up the construction process and thus decrease the client’s costs. Depending on the element, we can install electrical accessories, install and finish windows, timber cladding, etc. Read more about prefab element production.

9TransportationTransport of elements

We provide transport services based on the needs of the client. Prefabricated elements may be transported in the order of installation or in the order of maximum cargo capacity. Our elements are packed weatherproof and easily endure transport even in case of the worst weather. Read more.


We provide installation of prefabricated elements in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the UK. Read more.

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