Production process


In designing modules, Timbeco has developed technical assemblies and constructions that meet the building regulations of the countries of destination. The entire design is done with the Timbecos BIM models that help create 3D visualizations for the buildings being built. In addition to architectural data, there is also a large amount of construction information, such as bearing structures, openings, water pipes, electrical cables, and interconnecting modules between modules.


In the production of modules, certificates and licenses / licenses for specific work (electrical and plumbing works, waterproofing and tiling works, etc.) are important for the respective country of destination.

MAX dimensions for modules:

Width:         Height:          Length:
   4,5m              4,2m                 12,5m


The production of modules starts from the CNC center, where all the wood materials used in the production of room elements are cut exactly and the necessary pins / joints are molded. The finished material is made up of wall, ceiling and floor frame elements. The elements are interconnected into a module, after which it is possible to start communication (electricity, water, sewage, etc.). In the next step, insulating layers, vapor and windblown materials and openings are added. Apart from the installation of open fillers, the addition of internal and external finishing coatings and the waterproofing and tiling of “wet” rooms can be started. In the final phase, the interior decoration, plumbing and furniture installation are carried out.

Timbeco production capacity of modules: 30 modules per month
Storage area in the yard: 30 modules




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