If you require modular buildings then at Timbeco we can help you. Prefab building modules have previously, first and foremost been considered as temporary barracks. The standard has been raised and, in certain instances, it can even be difficult to distinguish between a house that is built on the site and a so-called modular building system. The biggest difference between them is naturally the price, while comfort and functionality are very similar today.


The technique has also advanced with regards to building construction. Modular buildings today have several different benefits, it is time-effective for example, but also an economical alternative when building a house. Today we build the prefab modules complete in the factory, and thereafter transport the pieces to the right destination and assemble them in place. Nowadays the prefab modules have several applications, thanks to functional rooms and smart design. For the creative, the possibilities are almost endless with this alternative.

If we were to describe a prefab building module, it can be compared to a type of cube. This consists of a roof, walls, and floors which in turn are equipped with windows and doors. The prefab modules are produced such that it is possible to combine them into a so-called multi-module building. Because of technological advance, it is possible to build everything from modular housing to modular offices and modular hotels in this way. The big benefits when compared with the classic varieties which are built on the site, are, of course, the lower price and the shortened construction time.

  1. construction time of the building is significantly shortened

  2. Decrease overhead construction cost

  3. Modules are installed by experienced builders, and therefore the risks associated with subcontractors are reduced.


As you can see, modular buildings are simple and advanced at the same time, in the sense that they are quick to build at low cost, while at the same time being a suitable alternative to a permanent building. But this is also superb to be able to create temporary solutions where more space is a necessity in a short space of time.


Only quality materials are used in the production of modules in the factory. In dry conditions, the production ensures a controlled result of the wooden elements of the building. When building a construction site, materials (frames, wool, construction boards) have a constant risk of getting wet, which can significantly impair the quality of the building.
Building modules will significantly reduce the subscriber’s problems with subcontractors as most of the work is done at the factory. If necessary, the modules can be re-opened and rebuilt elsewhere (for example, for kindergartens and schools).


We stated earlier that it is also possible to use these as housing modules, and then there are also several benefits. The planning is flexible, and the installation happens quickly thereafter. It opens up new possibilities for future occasions, such as any extension of the prefab modules.

Open v. cellular plan

Modules can come together in a number of ways to create an incredible variety of spatial forms including large span spaces. As well, open-sided modules can be combined to create buildings of near-infinite length. These capacities expand the design possibilities for modular construction.


Prototypes allow the client, architect, and contractor to predict the outcome of the project with a high degree of certainty. The ability to create prototypes can be a significant benefit for projects such as hotels, plant rooms, etc. Prototypes can be produced at a much lower cost for modular construction than for in-site construction.


We at Timbeco help you with everything from security to quality guarantee and, of course, customer service, should you be interested in our services concerning modular building. Here we take care of you and construct an alternative that suits you and your wishes, dependent on what you think the purpose of the module will be. Yet another benefit with modular building is that the risk for possible quality defects is reduced considerably. This is because the construction process happens in indoor factories, without the impact of weather or wind.

With modular buildings, you can always count on flexibility. Mobile alternatives are suitable, for example, where you want to have a larger area for your business, or if the current premises are too small. In line with the company expanding, modular construction can be perfectly suitable, since you avoid tying up your capital in new buildings. Furthermore, it is possible to reduce the size of the premises, according to reduced requirements.


If you are curious about which services we offer in the field of modular building sytsem, you are warmly welcome to contact us at Timebeco. We will answer all your questions and thoughts and offer recommendations that suit you in particular. On our home page, you have access to information regarding our other services and products that we offer at the moment. You can reach us by telephone and by e-mail if you want to know more immediately.

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