Finishing options for element houses

Thanks to our production process, Timbeco’s element houses may be finished in different ways. The installation of wall covering on prefabricated walls at the factory will provide an advantage in the speed and price of construction compared to the installation of wall covering on the site. However, there are wall coverings which are faster and cheaper if installed on the site.

Below is the list of the the most common wall coverings for element houses:

Stone facade

stone facadeDifferent stone materials may be used as wall coverings, e.g. brick, decorative stone, etc. If you use stone as your external wall covering, a special cement board is installed on the prefabricated wall and the stone material will be installed thereupon on the site. In the case of stone covering, a wider foundation must be built to support the wall covering.

Timbeco’s prefabricated wall elements for 13 apartment buildings in Finlandsee more pictures.


Rendered facade

rendered facadeRender may be used as a wall covering. Just like in the case of a stone facade, a special cement board will be installed on the prefabricated walls. The rendering of the facade will take place on the site.

Timbeco’s prefabricated timber frame element house in UK.



Wooden boarding

wooden boarding facadeIf you choose wooden boarding, you have many additional options. You may choose between different boarding profiles, types of wood and the manners of treatment of the wood (paint, impregnation, thermo-processing, etc.) Painted and treated wooden boarding will be installed on the prefabricated walls at the factory.

Timbeco’s prefabricated timber frame wall element project for 12 apartment buildings in Finlandsee more pictures.


Log facade

log facadeWe can manufacture energy-efficient element houses with the appearance of a log house. The appearance is created by special boards that look like logs which are installed at the factory. In addition, cross log corners may also be installed.

Timbeco’s element house in Estonia see more pictures.

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