Cross laminated timber construction

Cross laminated timber construction

We design and construct CLT building envelopes that are fully finished on the outside. We order required cross sectioned CLT elements from various manufacturers and give CLT elements high factory readiness in our factory. We construct CLT buildings in compliance with UK construction requirements.

High construction site readiness of CLT panels

For the construction of Cross Laminated Timber buildings we offer various CLT panels: wall panels, inserted ceiling panels, roof panels and inserted wall panels with high factory readiness. We can install sealed and finished windows in the CLT panels in the factory. We can also insulate CLT panels with the suitable insulation material and install interior and exterior finish layers on the CLT panels in t he factory. High construction site readiness significantly saves on-site construction time of the building.

Based on project features, budget, energy efficiency requirements and other factors, we can also offer solutions of combined CLT construction of CLT panels and timber frame elements.

Energy-efficient CLT construction

DCIM100MEDIAWe are specialized in construction of energy-efficient buildings. We have a professional and extensively experienced building team. We take into account the requirements of energy efficient construction in the design stage already. We use high-quality materials for insulating the building. We are a certified user of the SIGA adhesive tapes for construction.

See a reference – Combined CLT and prefab timber frame elements public building construction in Sweden

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