Construction of schools

Koolide ehitamineWe manufacture high-quality prefabricated elements for the construction of school houses.

The prefabricated elements needed for the construction of a school house are manufactured based on the client’s design and meeting the construction rules and regulations of Norway (TEK10), Sweden (EUROCODE-5), Finland (RYL, RT catalogues, EUROCODE-5) and UK.

The construction of a school house from prefabricated elements means higher quality and is faster and thus also cheaper than the construction of a schoolhouse on the construction site or the construction of a school house from concrete.

We also provide the installation of prefabricated elements meant for the construction of the school house.

We work with big contractors (NCC, Peab, SRV), big and small construction companies and developers. Our clients value us for the high level of our structural design but also for the high quality of our prefabricated elements and for the professional service.

Advantages of having a school house built by Timbeco

School house production quality

ISO 9001:2008 quality – Timbeco’s quality management is based on the ISO 9001:2008 international quality management standard.

CE marking – we can provide schools manufactured by us with a CE marking which proves that the structures meet the health, safety and environmental protection requirements of the European Union.

School house design

Cost-effective construction details – if needed, our engineers provide cost-effective construction details for the design of your school house. The constructions speed up the manufacturing process and make the installation of the school easier, helping save money on the construction of the school house.

Energy efficient junctions – the junction details of school houses manufactured by us have been optimised using the special-purpose Therm software system. This is how we eliminate the thermal bridges of the school houses and increase energy efficiency.

Elementmaja_Solme joonis

Detailed technical documentation for school houses – as a result of the design process, the client will get detailed and thorough technical documentation for the school house. Since we use easily understandable 3D design software to design school houses, it ensures greater precision. It also gives us the chance to provide the client with easily understandable technical solutions and enables to produce easy to read installation manuals. See a sample design here.

Elementmaja_Pystituse juhis

Manufacturing of prefabricated elements for school houses

Extra rigid prefabricated elements – unlike most other manufacturers of prefab elements, we use diagonals and tenons to give our prefabricated elements extra rigidity. Diagonals and tenons are installed by the fully automated Hundegger K2 wood processing centre.

Valissein - diagonaalid Uuesalu

Maximum level of completeness of prefabricated elements – if the client has the needed drawings, we will install vent pipes and electrical accessories into prefabricated elements. We also install windows with finishing and provide internal and external finishing, etc. Read more on the prefabricated walls page.

Fire resistance – in order to increase fire resistance, we use suitable building boards (plaster boards, cement boards) in the prefabricated elements of school houses which prevent the spreading of fire into the prefabricated elements. We also use fire resistant paints and impregnation in the prefabricated elements of school houses.

Valissein 1

Soundproofness – in the construction of school houses, soundproofness plays an essential role. In previous school construction projects, we have achieved the required soundproofness by using different panels (plaster and cement).

Transport of prefabricated elements for school houses

Weatherproof packaging – we pack the prefabricated elements needed for the construction of the school house in a weatherproof plastic. Thanks to the high-quality packaging the prefabricated elements kept on the construction site will not need additional protection for up to three weeks.s.

Pakitud multipakk

Transport depending on the client’s needs – we provide transport of prefabricated elements in the order of construction of the school. However, the transport of prefabricated elements can be arranged in an order helping to minimize transport costs.

Installation of a school house

Installation team with experience – just like the production of prefabricated elements for the construction of a school house, the installation of a school house requires knowledge and experience. The experienced and professional employees of Timbeco’s installation team and their direct communication with the design and manufacturing units helps to create a high-quality end result.

Installation in any weather – Thanks to the weatherproof packaging, prefabricated elements for the construction of a school house may be installed in any weather.

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