Timbeco Woodhouse manufactures high-quality prefab element structures and prefab element houses by using modern fully automated CNC robotic devices and experienced employees who have undergone special training. Our products are based on international construction standards (e.g. TEK10, RYL, EUROCODE 5, RT catalogue) CE, ETA and the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.

Our contemporary manufacturing plant is situated near Tallinn, Estonia – in Tõdva Village, Saku Parish – and is located on a 3.5 ha plot of land. The total area of the production facilities is over 6000 m². If you are interested, you can come directly to our factory to get acquainted with the process of prefab timber frame element house manufacturing!

Advantages of Timbeco’s manufacturing process

Compared to many of our competitors, some of the advantages that Timbeco can offer are top-level industrial devices and a considerably higher value chain – in Timbeco, the value of timber already starts increasing with the processing of sawn timber workpieces.

Differently from our competitors, we do not purchase planed material that is calibrated to final dimensions but high-quality dried sawn material that we use to manufacture the necessary material cross-sections (first sorting the sawn material by strength, end-jointing, calibrating and planing it).

Thanks to a considerably longer supply chain, we can offer our customers faster delivery times, a more flexible selection of cross-sections and linings, not to mention the most favourable prices. We are less dependent on our suppliers and can thus offer our customers higher delivery security.

That is why Timbeco believes that top-quality timber can be guaranteed if the company manufacturing the wooden houses covers the largest possible section of the wood processing value chain.

Our manufacturing capacities are:

  • Manufacturing capacity of element houses and structures: 15 000 m2 a month
  • Manufacturing capacity of floor surfaces: 2 000 m2 a month
  • Planing service capacity: 750 km a month

We believe that continuously updating technology and the stability of quality are important and are always striving towards more effective solutions. In order to ensure quality, we have developed a specific quality system that starts from carefully selected raw material and ends with the weatherproof packaging of products. We have developed explicit quality requirements and control systems for every production unit.

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