Factory tour

DCIM100MEDIAA website gives a first impression about the ability and quality of a cooperation partner as well as the options on offer. However, production and construction are multifaceted activities and the best way to get an overview of an enterprise is to visit its offices and facilities.
We are happy to welcome new cooperation partners and clients in Timbeco’s plant. This gives you the opportunity to make sure that you are satisfied with the professional approach and quality of Timbeco before you make any important purchase decisions. A visit to the plant includes a thorough introduction of the manufacturing process from start to finish, i.e. from engineering to loading the product for transportation.

A visit to the plant will give you confidence in the quality of our materials and work, and provide you with an in-depth overview of Timbeco.

Generally, a tour of the plant is made up of the following stages:

  • Introduction of Timbeco as a reliable cooperation partner.
  • Visit to and introduction of model houses.
  • Introduction of the possibilities of the engineering team and engineering documents.
  • Introduction of the product preparation unit at the plant (sorting timber, the options of the bandsaw and the Weinig planer).
  • Introduction of the product processing units at the plant (the options of fully automated timber processing machines Hundegger K2 and Auer).
  • Visit to the product manufacturing units at the plant (completion of element houses and structures).
  • Introduction of the packing and loading units at the plant.
  • Technical and detail-oriented analysis and discussion regarding the drawings and assemblies of your requested house.
  • The solutions provided by Timbeco and the guarantees offered to cooperation partners.

A visit to the plant lasts approximately 2-3 hours. In order to book a tour of the plant, please contact our sales team at [email removed] or 6 737 700.

We hope and trust that the time you invest in visiting Timbeco’s plant will give you certainty and also answer the question “Why choose Timbeco Woodhouse as a partner?”

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