Hundegger K2


Fully automated CNC machine for the manufacture of wooden houses – Hundegger K2 is one of the world’s leading fully automated CNC wood processing centres intended for the manufacture of wooden details which is also suitable for producing the most complex solutions.

The house is engineered with 3D programmes (AutoCad, HsbCad, etc.) and the design is sent electronically to the main machine of Hundegger K2 and is used for the manufacture of wooden details in the CNC wood processing centre.

 Randek BS 20

Randek_prefab_production_line_ 086

Timbeco manufactures prefabricated timber frame elements on top-level assembly tables Randek BS 20 l.

The high quality of our prefabricated elements is achieved thanks to the automatic compression and rearrangement function of Randek BS 20 butterfly tables, which, in addition to high speed, also ensure the rigidity and stability of the details.

The assembly tables of Randek BS 20 are functional and allow to produce elements of various lengths, thicknesses and widths.

The maximum dimensions of the provided elements are 3 x 12 m.

Planing machine Weinig Powermat 2000


One of our greatest advantages over other wooden house manufacturers is the fact that approximately 90% of the planed wooden materials used to construct our houses are manufactured by the factory (not purchased) and thanks to that we can offer our customers the best quality and control over the supply chain from the beginning to the end.In addition to milled log walls and wooden frames, we also manufacture other planed materials for walls, ceilings, wooden frame walls, roof structures, terraces and balconies.

We use the Weinig Powermat 2000 XL 4-sided planer to plane our material to meet the top quality. The 6 spindles of the 4-sided planer reach 10,000 rpm which ensure the perfect surface of the wood. Planing different profiles is trouble-free, since replacing the planer’s PowerLock tools/cutting edges only takes a few seconds. Depending on the profile, the planer capacity can be up to 60 metres per minute. The average planed material volume during an 8-hour shift is approximately 20,000 metres.

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