Timbeco_kollektiivTimbeco is a modern manufacturer of high-quality prefab timber frame elements located in Estonia. We design, manufacture, transport and install custom made prefabricated timber frame elements with a maximum level of completeness

We wish to be a reliable long-term partner for our clients. We’d like to provide professional service, high-quality custom made prefabricated elements and element houses.

We differ from other manufacturers of prefab elements because we process the raw materials mostly ourselves and are thus able to provide better prices, better quality and delivery dates to our clients.

We are the only manufacturer of prefab elements in the Baltic States and one of the few in Northern Europe who have been given a CE marking. We also have a ISO 9001:2008 certified Quality Management System.


History of Timbeco

Timbeco is a family business combining the wood working experience of three generations.

Timbeco palkmaja Hytte Lesja_031_2010 (4)Log house period

The predecessor of the present-day Timbeco Woodhouse OÜ is Palktare OÜ, a company established in 1993. ‘Palktare’ means ‘log cabin’ in Estonian. Like the name says, Palktare OÜ manufactured hand-made log houses. The machinery was updated over time, and 5 years after starting out the company began to manufacture milled log houses in addition to hand-made log houses. In 1999, the company built a factory in Tõdva, Saku Parish where it has stayed until now.

The Timbeco log house period may be characterised by bold decisions which gave the company the chance to grow. All that was done when Estonia had just regained its independence (in 1991) and the state economy was quite troubled. From the beginning, Timbeco focused on advanced production technology and tried to provide the best quality products in its field. At the beginning of the 2000s, Timbeco started to export its log houses to Japan which proves their high quality.

Timbeco is still manufacturing log houses and exports 99% of them to Japan.

Eco house period

Post&Beam_puitmaja_Swing (6)At the beginning of the 2000s, Timbeco needed to expand its portfolio of products. The company developed an alternative solution to log houses which would also meet the stricter energy conservation requirements.

As a result, in 2009 Timbeco developed an innovative eco house concept called ThermoLog™. The initial idea was to provide element houses that look like log houses, “breathe” like log houses and are made of only natural materials. By now, the concept has been improved so that the client may order a ThermoLog eco element house in maximum completeness with other wall coverings (stone, render, boarding).

Most of the Thermolog houses are found in Estonia but they have also been built in the UK and Sweden.

Custom made prefabricated element period

The company decided to use the knowledge and experience gained from making Thermolog element houses for B8_veggelementer(1)the benefit of its business clients. Thus, Timbeco started to provide complete prefabricated element and element house solutions to its business clients.

Today, the production of prefab elements for business clients is Timbeco’s main activity. We have business clients in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the UK. We produce prefabricated elements mainly for apartment buildings, kindergartens, schools, industrial buildings and office buildings. Timbeco works with the largest construction companies in Northern Europe, e.g. NCC, PEAB, etc.

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